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Amazing facts about food

The products present in the life of mankind are sometimes associated with quite funny stories and facts.

• In the Middle Ages, fresh milk was highly appreciated, because there was no refrigeration, and keeping fresh milk was a complex task.

• Initially, the caramel was used for hair removal in the Arab harems.

• Scientists have found that the very first soup was prepared from meat of hippopotamus.

• In ancient Rome, a sprig of parsley was considered the best remedy against evil forces. To protect your food from the influence of the devil and his suite, each dish was decorated with parsley.

• In the Middle Ages it was believed that lemon juice is so strong that it is able to dissolve the fishbone. It is for this reason all the fish dishes were served with lemon wedges.

• Long before the stories about vampires, garlic was used to combat small bloodsuckers - mosquitoes. It is believed that garlic works perfectly thanks to its vigorous flavor.

• Hippocrates advised his patients to often eat soup from a young puppy.

• Banana tree - is not a tree, but the vast grass. Bananas are berries. Banana tree lives a short life and bears fruit only once, but only one can have a bunch of up to 400 bananas.

• Initially, the carrot was purple, and orange color it has acquired as a result of 200 years of experience of breeders. In the XIV century in the Netherlands, scientists crossed seeds of purple carrots and the North American yellow carrot. Experiments with color continue to change dishes today. For example, in Lviv in the restaurant "Zanzibar" a black burger can be ordered.