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Eastern Tale

If you want to order shashlik - only in Eastern Tale - as they say in Kyiv, and it is really excellent. This is a true Armenian shashlik, which is prepared according to ancient recipes. You no longer need to buy meat, marinade, make fire and cook. All this is made for you by experienced chef of Eastern Tale. The dishes on the menu are truly royal: kebabs, shashlik, pita bread with meat, grilled vegetables, etc.

What should be ordered in Eastern Tale? 
• Caucasian feast. The dish consists of meat shashlik and potatoes. The restaurant offers 4 options of Caucasian feast, each one of different weight and composition. For example, the weight of such set can reach 5780 g! Depending on the amount of food it can feed from 5 to 15 people. It consists of: potatoes and bacon, kebab, veal, pork ribs, lamb, chicken wings, pita bread, etc.
• Pirate feast. It is available in 5 versions and includes shrimps in grape leaves, salmon, trout, sturgeon in pomegranate sauce, sea bass or dorado. 
• Eastern feast. For a big company we recommend that you order the Eastern feast. It is 5 kg Uzbek pilaf for 10-15 people. 
• Hunters feast. Consisting of quail, mushrooms and potatoes. Available for 4 and 8 people. 

Order at least once in this restaurant and you will see why it is called the Eastern Tale.