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Features of food ordering in different countries

Delivery of food - a very popular service, which is enjoyed by wide popularity around the world. In Ukraine people order rolls and pizza, and what is more often ordered in other countries?

Spain. Here people are crazy about Italian pizza, paella and grilled meats.

USA. The people of this country just love the typical American food: french fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, as well as Japanese sushi, rolls and, of course, pizza. However, they changed pizza to their taste, and now traditional American pizza is sold with a thick pizza base from yeast dough and lots of toppings.

France. The French are crazy about apricot pies, pasta carbonara and masterpieces of Thai cuisine.

Canada. The climate of this distant country affected the eating habits of Canadians. They prefer meat of polar bear, narwhal meat, pizza with cheese, and watermelon for dessert.

Luxembourg. The population of this small country are real gourmets. They order delivery of chicken in wine sauce, pizza with shrimps and Turkish kebabs.

Japan. Of course, the Japanese are true to their centuries-old traditions, and often on their table you can see the sashimi.

Italy. Temperamental Italians love pasta with ragout, fish, hot dogs and frozen fish sticks.

United Kingdom. In this region, French, Indian, Japanese, Italian and English cuisine are popular. As for meals, the top three are chocolate cake, sandwiches with mayonnaise and shrimp soup.

China. In the Middle Kingdom, and indeed around the world are crazy about fried pork in sweet and sour sauce.

Australia. Aussies can not imagine their life without fast food. The most favorite are dishes of meat, fish and seafood delicacies. Almost everywhere you can find the delivery of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, pizzas, kebabs, sandwiches.

Portugal. The inhabitants of this country are noble lovers of fish, pizza and pork.