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Food hybrids conquer the world

We think everyone is familiar with a problem of choice when ordering food: what to choose sushi or pizza, rolls or burritos, a donut or a croissant? "Why suffer?" - Thought the cook and created hybrid dishes. They are rapidly gaining popularity.

Burrito + Sushi
In 2008, Peter Yen registered unusual trademark sushirrito. The dish is a layer of nori and rice, which has traditional filling for burritos - avocado, cheese, minced meat, tomatoes, etc. And seasoned with spicy salsa.
Sushirrito coveted customers for its taste and practicality - unlike sushi you can eat sushirrito on the go.

Pizza Burger +
The idea is simple: instead of traditional components put pizza toppings in the burger: shredded cheese, shrimp, ham, bacon. Served in a hybrid form of pizza, cut across in sectors and consists of 2 large buns and toppings.

Croissant + donut
Cronut - is glazed donut with delicate filling. It is recognized as the most desirable and fashionable breakfast.
In addition to the above dishes, there are many other - pizza hotdog, ramenito, waffles, donuts and other gastronomic trends.