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Restaurant Delivery

Restaurant Delivery R&D in Dnipro is perhaps one of the most soulful restaurants. Each dish and the entire menu is permeated with sparkling humor.

The menu includes:
1. Pizza. Chefs prepare both classical and original author's pizza. Thanks to the most thin dough and delicious toppings for pizza Restaurant R&D is legendary. Worth a try kutaby with suluguni.

2. Home style cuisine includes traditional first courses, side dishes, salads, hot appetizers, fish, meat and desserts.

3. Gourmets will love the section "Culinary glamour". Here you will find delicious dishes from different cuisines. For example, turkey with shrimp and seaweed, salmon with blue cheese and grapes in creamy sauce.

4. Grill menu. The restaurant offers a range of grilled pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, etc.

5. Manti, dumplings, khinkali. All these dishes are prepared by hand, and in the range of about 30 kinds of toppings.

In addition, Restaurant R&D can deliver potato mixes, sweets and drinks. Restaurant delivers business lunches in the office and banquet dishes.