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What to eat to keep warm

Autumn came to Ukraine, and the cold weather with it, as well as our food preferences, which is not surprising - in this way, the body rebuilds into the winter mode. What is needed to make it easier to get over the cold season?

1. Spicy dishes. They not only warm up, but also burn fat. Even a small piece of chili pepper improves metabolism, increases heart rate by 50% and keeps at that level for 3 hours. Spicy dishes are presented by Mexican, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Check these cuisines in Kyiv in restaurants Taco, Kikomuro sushi, Pan Asian noodles.

2. Beverages. Green tea is recommended in the summer, it has a cooling effect, but black tea is created for the cold weather. But even that can be improved: add to the tea warming ingredients: ginger, cinnamon, cardamom.

3. Sauerkraut. Because of vitamin C it is in the list. It is enough to eat only 150 g of sauerkraut to cover the daily dose of the vitamin needs.

4. Borsch. The composition of dishes includes many useful vegetables, meat, and a piece of red pepper will make it even more warming.

5. Meat. Foods containing protein warm at times better than high-calorie food.

6. Fruits and vegetables. The Swiss say: "In winter day, eat 5 vegetables and you will be healthy." These are fresh fruit, vegetables and dried fruits.

As you can see, not only 100 clothing can keep you warm, but also tasty food. Food delivery allows to stay home in chilly weather.