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What Ukrainians order

Ukrainian food ordering market significantly is behind of the European or American market. According to statistics, most of the orders are made by youth in metropolitan cities. 

Let's take a look at what is often bought by residents of our country?

Most popular dishes

1st place - sushi and pizza. For the past few years Ukrainians traditionally prefer these dishes. Various marketing studies provide slightly different data, but usually pizza takes 35% of all orders, and sushi - 30%.

2nd place - exotic meals. Almost 9% of the orders accounted for pan-Asian cuisine: rice and noodles in boxes, pork in sweet and sour sauce.

3rd place - traditional cuisine and fast food. Both sectors received 8% and include a barbecue, dumplings, burgers, food in pots, etc.

4th place - Ossetian pies. Recently, Ossetian pies with various fillings: cabbage, cheese, meat, poppy seeds, etc. have become popular. They are similar to pizza and attract by its novelty.

In average, each order in 2014 cost about UAH 250. Most Ukrainians prefer to pay cash instead of bank cards - 95% versus 5%. It is mostly due to the unwillingness of restaurants to provide such service.

The primacy of orders belongs to Kyiv, but Dnepro is not far behind. 

Traditionally, the busiest days for food delivery restaurants are Friday and Saturday.