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Golden BoxOnline-restaurant

Cuisines: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American

Payment method: cash, credit card


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Golden Box

27.01.2018 TERRY SAMA

excellent service all round

15.11.2017 Petr

Очень вкусно! Заказываю лапшу с говядиной,лапша вкусная! Говядины много! Приезжает лапша горячей Доставили в течении 50 минут

02.11.2017 Svetlana

Very tasty noodles, large portions, lots of meat, delicious sauce, delivered on time

02.11.2017 Petr

Вкусная лапша

01.11.2017 Betti

Everything is good, I saw this restaurant for the first time, I decided to check them, and it turned out to be very very tasty, the courier arrived in 30 minutes, it's good, the food is delicious, I make orders often and now I will often order here

01.11.2017 Александр

Вкусно,хорошая доставка,доставили вевремя

26.09.2017 Алескандр

Все понравилось!Доставили в течении 50 мин,еда была горячей

21.09.2017 Julian

It's really good, No problems with delivery.the courier arrived early. It's good.The food was excellent.

20.09.2017 Richard

Very,very tasty