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03.05.2018 Василь Іващенко

Їжа смачна, привезли теплою) Досить задоволений

19.02.2017 Sue MacKay

This was my first time ordering. The service on the phone was excellent. The person spoke English well. No problems with delivery. It came in 60 minutes not the 90 I was told. The spring rolls were a bit soggy and very small but tasted good. The spicy sauce was not that spicy by Western or I assume Asian standards and had too much of a watery consistency for my liking. The pad Thai was rubbery and stuck together in a lump when I transferred it to a bowl. The coconut soup was very nice. I might give them another try.

28.01.2017 Victoria Fremont

The serving size of the sushi was not as it was pictured on the menu. Menu showed eight rolls and only 6 came. It was delicious food though!

27.10.2016 Светлана

очень и очень

05.06.2016 nina

I ordered and paid 2 grapefruit fresh, and I got the grapefruit - not juice but fruit itself. Are you kidding me? The girl I spoke on the phone hanged up the phone and did not want to answer again.

11.05.2016 Елена

Все супер! Спасибо!

17.04.2016 Nina

The food was excellent. They could work a bit on the speed of delivery - 90 instead of 70 min.

19.02.2016 Victoria Fremont


01.02.2016 Анна

Спасибо :)

07.09.2015 Лена

Лапша отличная.

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