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What is UFood and how does it work?
UFood is a web system that provides you with the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to order food from restaurants in your city.
Why would I want to use UFood?
There is no easier way to search for restaurant and place order for food delivery in your city! There are hundreds of restaurants from all over Ukraine represented at UFood. No need to spend time and money on calls to place the order.UFood service is free of charge and all prices are equal to prices of restaurants..

Besides you have possibility to save money with various promotions and special offers exclusively at UFood.
Do I have to become member to place an order?
Membership is optional! You do not have to become a member to place an order, but if you do, it will be much easier to place orders in future since you will not need to fill out delivery details again and again.

Besides, you will have possibility to make orders with special Member Discount!
How do I become a member?
Very simple. Open the registration form by clicking on the Login / Register button in the top right corner of the site, fill out the e-mail and password fields and you are UFood member!

After this you can check your personal account and add the delivery address and other data.
What are the benefits of being a member?
Easy and fast registration provides with a number of advantages:

1. You will be able to place orders with special Member Discount on restaurant menus!

2. Upon request, you will receive the most relevant and interesting offers from restaurants!

3. You will not need to fill out delivery details each time you place an order!
How do I place an order?
1. On the Home page, select your region and proceed to the list of restaurants.

2. Next, select the restaurant and proceed to the menu. You can choose appropriate restaurant by searching for your favorite dish, your favorite cuisine or other criteria, such as offers/promotions, delivery time, delivery cost, etc.

3. Thereafter, place your order by adding dishes that you would like to order in the shopping cart and fill out the delivery details.

The rest – is our job! All you need to do is just sit down and relax waiting for your order.
Can I place the order not online but by phone?
In fact, it is much faster and easier to place your order online than over the phone since all the information about restaurants and offers is right in front of you and you can compare menus, prices and delivery terms and choose the most suitable option.

After placing the order, you will be contacted by the operator to confirm the order and you will also receive a copy of the order to the specified e-mail address.

If you have difficulties with placing an order, our customer support operators will advise you regarding any questions you might have! Just give us a call at 094 711 11 37 or contact via Chat.
Can I place pre-order?
You can place pre-order by specifying the desired delivery date and time when filling out the delivery details.
Can I combine orders from different restaurants?
Unfortunately, no.
It is not possible to combine orders from two or more restaurants.

If you want to place orders from several restaurants at the same time, you will need to place separate orders.
Where do I find restaurant telephone number to place an order?
The only phone number we specify is the phone number of our Customer support which is 094 711 11 37.
How do I choose best restaurant?
Once you have chosen your region on the Home page and have been transferred to the list of restaurants, you can sort restaurants by rating, which is formed on the basis of feedbacks of all UFood users. Feedbacks will help you decide which restaurant is best to order from.
What is the delivery cost?
Delivery cost is formed on the basis of the terms of each restaurant and depends on the region of delivery. That is why it is so important to choose region as a first step.

On the Home page, choose your region and proceed to the list of restaurants where you can find all the information about restaurants and terms of delivery: delivery cost, minimum order, delivery time, etc.
Can I order pick up?
Yes you can. Choose "Pickup" option and insert the necessary data when filling out order details.

Some restaurants offer discounts or gifts at pickup. Information about such offers is available on the restaurant menu.

Note: not all restaurants offer the possibility to pick the order, and vice versa, some restaurants do not provide delivery. Information about all the terms of delivery is available in the list of restaurants after choosing the region on the Home page.
Can I place order at night?
Yes, of course. We are at your service 24/7, but we do depend on the working hours of restaurants. At the moment, not all cities are represented with restaurants open 24/7.

On the Home page, choose your region and proceed to the list of restaurants where you will find all the information regarding the working schedule of restaurants.
I made mistake in my order, how do I make it right?
Contact us at 094 711 11 37 or via Chat and inform about such mistake. We will immediately inform the restaurant regarding update!
I am not happy with my order! Who can help me?
Just contact us at 094 711 11 37 or via Chat. Also, you can leave feedback about the order, describing problem in details.

We will send information to the management of the restaurant and they will provide you with compensation.
Can I cancel my order?
Contact us the sooner the better at 094 711 11 37 or via Chat. Restaurant start preparing order immediately after they receive it

If you, for example, have to leave the location specified in the order, you can contact us and change the delivery address, so you can enjoy the dishes you ordered anyway!
How can I pay for my order?
There are several methods of payment: cash or credit card via mobile terminal upon delivery of your order.

Note: at the moment not all restaurants offer the possibility to pay by credit card via the mobile terminal.

Details of the methods of payment are available in the list of restaurants, after you have chosen the region on the Home page.
Can I pay online?
Not at the moment. We will inform you as soon as this option becomes available.
I see discounts signs on restaurants logos, what is it?
Discount sign at the logo of restaurant displays the actual exclusive discounts on restaurant menus. These discounts are available for all users of UFood.
What is Member Discount and how does it work?
Member Discount provides with the opportunity to place orders with additional discount on restaurant menus and available only for UFood members.

After becoming a UFood member, you will be able to place orders not only with the current discount on restaurant menus, but also using additional one! Information about the size of the Member Discount is available in the list of restaurants, after you have chosen your region on the Home page.
Which other promotions do you run?
A lot of them! Discounts on restaurant menus; Member Discount; various promotions, special offers and gifts from restaurants!

Furthermore, we are constantly giving away prizes among the users of the site and our friends in social networks. Join now and save with great deals and win prizes!